Machine Vision Annual Calibration

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Calibration and validation procedures are critical to verifying inspection and ensuring the long-term performance of a machine vision system. Furthermore, manufacturers often have customers who require proof of annual calibration as part of their product acceptance contracts.   In this article, we review some of the key aspects covered by a ProSensus annual calibration certificate [...]

Advanced Analytics for Food Safety

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One of the early projects that sparked the incorporation of ProSensus in 2004 was a machine vision application for the foods industry. In this case, multivariate image analysis was used to implement online monitoring and control of the seasoning level of a snack-food for Frito-Lay.     Since that time, food quality and food safety [...]

ProSenus’ RPD Framework Featured in Rubber World Magazine

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The January 2021 issue of Rubber World Magazine featured an article written by Marlene Cardin and Kristin Wallace on ProSensus' Rapid Product Development (RPD) framework. The comprehensive article, titled "Accelerate Product Development Testing by Digitalizing Formulator Knowledge", presents the motivation, framework, key technical concepts, case studies, and the phased approach of ProSensus' Rapid Product Development [...]

Multivariate Analysis for Digitalization & Industry 4.0

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In the past 2 years, ProSensus has witnessed continued investment in Industry 4.0 and analytics, with many of our clients implementing dedicated digitalization teams. The abundance of literature, conferences, and general buzz, in combination with recent interaction with our clients, leaves no room for doubt: leading manufacturers are acting on this initiative. These front-runners have [...]

Why a machine vision trial is your first step in automated inspection

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Machine vision systems for automated inline quality control are becoming industry standard as the benefits these systems provide are numerous. Manual inspection can be slow and notoriously inaccurate, with many features not reliably detectable even by the most detail-oriented staff. ProSensus specializes in machine vision systems outfitted with the ideal combination of hardware and software [...]

Accelerated Modeling Sessions: Get Meaningful Results Faster

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Do you have data that you are eager to analyze? No time to brush-up on your MVA knowledge and software? An Accelerated Modeling Session with ProSensus may be just what you need. Work alongside an expert as we efficiently extract valuable process insight from your dataset. Expedited model-building is achieved by face-to-face collaboration of your [...]

Multivariate Modeling and ExxonMobil’s Product Development

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Dr. David Fiscus, Staff Chemist for ExxonMobil Chemical Company provided a talk at the Polymer Technology Center (Texas A&M University) on April 25th, summarizing a recent project with ProSensus on applying multivariate modeling to EMMC's product development database. The complete abstract for David's talk "Developing Structure-Process-Property Relationships using Multivariate Analysis" and speaker bio can be [...]

Multivariate Analysis: Big Data, Big Money

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Our President and CEO, Dr. John F. MacGregor, was interviewed by Canadian Chemical News in the July/August issue: The author Tyler Irving writes that, "John MacGregor uses multivariate models to improve the bottom line for some of the world’s biggest chemical companies." In the article, they discuss how to effectively learn from data, how the [...]