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Our machine vision solutions offer 100% inspection, automatic rejection and the ability to classify, quantify and log defects in real-time. We use color, 3D, or thermal hardware to measure visual and non-visual properties of your product.

Our global install base of machine vision systems spans the consumer-packaged goods (CPG), synthetic rubber, and pharmaceutical industries. These manufacturers not only inspect their products, but they use our solutions’ outputs to gain new information for process troubleshooting, monitoring and improvement.

ProSensus’ history with machine vision began in 2004 when PepsiCo approached us to quantify a hard to measure attribute (seasoning levels) on Dorito’s chips as they were experiencing unacceptable variation.

Using multivariate image analysis, we successfully quantified the seasoning levels. This allowed PepsiCo to implement a closed-loop control system, reducing variation by 50%.

Since 2004, ProSensus has continued to perform offline feasibility studies and we have developed and proven our ability to implement complete systems for our clients.

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Real-Time Inspection for Critical Quality Attributes

  • Colour imaging for visual defects, size distribution, classification
  • 3D imaging to measure size, shape and color variation
  • Thermal imaging to quantify temperature distribution, identify hot and cold spots
  • Automated lab inspection systems using color, 3D, or thermal machine vision

Machine Vision for Industry 4.0

The effective use of image data for quality monitoring is an innovative concept consistent with the Industry 4.0 movement.

A ProSensus machine vision turnkey solution addresses all four of the Industry 4.0 design principles:

Industry 4.0

Technical Assistance & Decentralized DecisionsThe ProSensus solution (which includes custom hardware, algorithm, and control room software) is designed to act as an autonomous, on-line quality control system with optional results visualization for operator support
Interoperability & Information TransparencyDetection of defective product is facilitated via information exchange between hardware and software. All vision sensor data results are logged to a database and images are logged to a storage server.

ProSensus combines advanced analytics with hardware to maximize the insights from machine vision solutions. Contact us to get started with an on-site trial, or an off-line analysis of your existing images so you can gain new insights that can lead to significant process improvement.


Case Studies
Multi-Camera Machine Vision for Food Safety
Several of ProSensus' recent custom machine vision installations in the foods industry have included both color and thermal cameras. The digital images obtained from this combination of cameras provide numerous measurements that can be used to accomplish a variety of goals.
360 Degree Surface Inspection
One of the world's largest synthetic rubber producers came to ProSensus with customer-identified quality challenges. ProSensus designed sensitive new algorithms for the rubber inspection process and installed a 6-camera system to automatically detect defects.