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Since 2004, ProSensus has been providing multivariate analysis consulting, software and education to clients across the globe.

We help pharma, biologics, food, chemicals, mining, & energy clients:

  • develop products faster
  • improve product quality, and
  • get valuable insights from data they are already collecting.

We do this by:

  • modeling complex data sets  in a way that’s easy to visualize and interpret,
  • deploying these models online for state-of-the-art process monitoring and control, and
  • using models and advanced optimization techniques to formulate new products and optimize processes.

There are five main reasons clients work with us:

  • Our core knowledge and expertise in multivariate analysis ensures that their problems get solved correctly the first time.
  • Our structured methodologies for addressing their needs give them accurate results quickly.
  • Our excellent coaching helps them use data-driven models to get ahead of their competitors.
  • Our educational courses provide them with a deep understand of why multivariate analysis works so well in manufacturing.
  • Our team of highly trained and educated engineers, including our founder Dr. John F MacGregor, a world-renowned chemical engineer and statistician.

Call us today to discuss your needs.  We’ll find an innovative way to help you turn your data into powerful business results.

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