Accelerated Modeling Sessions: Expert Guidance to get Meaningful Results Faster

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Accelerated Modeling sessions Do you have data that you are eager to analyze? No time to brush-up on your MVA knowledge and software? An Accelerated Modeling Session with ProSensus may be just what you need.

Work alongside an expert as we efficiently extract valuable process insight from your dataset.

Expedited model-building is achieved by face-to-face collaboration of your process expert with a ProSensus MVA expert, all in a distraction-free environment.

In addition, you will obtain an impartial view of your data, absent of inherent observer bias.

Intensive modeling session

What to Expect

  • Take 2-3 days to visit ProSensus
  • Bring your dataset with you
  • No software requirements
  • Collaborative modeling and analysis
  • Go home with your actionable results


Simca Success

Just how valuable can a collaborative modeling session be? We recently hosted a 2-day Accelerated Modeling Session to analyze a powder metallurgy dataset utilizing Umetrics’ Simca software.

Prior to contacting ProSensus, many factors had prevented our client from successfully completing their own analysis of the dataset.

ProSensus was able to overcome these challenges by pre-processing the dataset prior to our client’s arrival, and by dedicating 2 days of focus to the custom Accelerated Modeling Session with our client.

The Challenges

  • Complex manufacturing operation: 5 sequential processing steps
  • Large dataset: more than 30 million data points from 8 blocks of data
  • Messy data: outliers, inconsistent sampling frequencies and observation IDs, scant variance

Accelerated Results

  • 5+ models built: iterative process, expedited by face-to-face collaboration, R2=0.83 with 2 PC
  • Key finding: product quality is more correlated with raw materials than process conditions
  • Suspicions confirmed: MVA confirmed theories held, but never proven, by process experts
  • Next steps: specific recommendations made for future comprehensive MVA work


If you’re interested in getting started with an Accelerated Modeling Session contact us.

Observed Vs predicted

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