Multivariate Analysis

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1 Data driven innovation

Manufacturers are collecting more data than ever but now face the challenge of deriving useful information from their big data. Part of the challenge is understanding the relationships amongst and between all the available variables (raw materials, process conditions, etc.) and how these relationships impact process performance (yield and final quality). Multivariate analysis helps you find the key contributors impacting process performance and enables you to improve quality, increase yield, and reduce operating costs. Let us help you achieve your big data objectives with multivariate analysis.

1. New Product Development

  • Formulate novel, next-generation products offering superior performance
  • Establish technical feasibility early in the product development process
  • Identify which raw materials have the biggest impact on product performance
  • Reformulate existing products with alternative materials at a lower cost
  • Improve key properties or quality attributes so they perform better

2. Improve Quality and Increase Yield

  • Raw material specification: identify bad batches of raw materials before they enter the process
  • Process scale up and transfer: efficiently move production from lab-scale or pilot-scale to full scale production
  • Process Analysis & Troubleshooting: find root causes for process & product quality problems
  • Process Improvement & Optimization: identify which process conditions have the biggest impact on quality and yield

3. Achieve Quality Control with Machine Vision

  • 100% inspection for critical quality attributes in real-time
  • Classify, quantify and log defects using color, thermal, or 3D imaging
  • Measure visual and non-visual properties of your product to gain new process insights
  • Fully turnkey machine visions systems including hardware, software, installation and training