Rapid Product Development

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New Rapid Product Development

Innovative and rapid product development (RPD) is critical for the success of any manufacturer. Our clients are continually looking to innovate and produce better or new products, at lower cost, and often with fewer or alternative raw materials. This must all be achieved while still adhering to existing manufacturing constraints.

ProSensus’ approach to rapid product development utilizes existing experimental data, multivariate modeling, and constrained optimization to help you reach your desired product faster. Our innovative methodology allows manufacturers to simultaneously optimize the selection of raw materials, recipe formulations and manufacturing conditions to reach targeted product properties.

Our Approach to Rapid Product Development

Our Approach

Our clients get ahead of the competition by arriving at product development targets faster with our proven approach.

  1. Setting up and maintaining useful databases
  2. Building latent variable models
  3. Designing future experiments
  4. Model optimization for product development
  5. Providing custom software solutions

Proven Results

See how we’ve applied our approach to help clients solve complex product development challenges. View our Case Studies.