Process Analysis and Troubleshooting

Process Analysis and Troubleshooting2019-10-24T11:22:32-04:00

Whether you have an urgent quality problem or a slow process drift that impacts yield or energy consumption, you need insight to find the root cause and take action.

Get the right answers quickly and solve process problems – often faster than traditional continuous improvement or six sigma approaches. Using advanced statistical methods, we’ll help you:

  • solve acute, complex process problems
  • detect seasonal/environmental factors that affect product quality
  • identify bad lots of raw materials before they enter your process

Our Clients Get Results

By looking at historical data for a period of weeks, months, or years, we’ve helped our clients in the chemical industry identify exactly when problems began and why, so they could correct their process back to producing high quality products efficiently.

We’ve also helped clients in the pharmaceutical and food industries build decision support tools to accept/reject incoming raw materials with confidence, even before they are shipped from the supplier. In some cases, a batch of raw material that cannot be processed at one plant is perfectly acceptable at another; having a decision support tool dramatically improves the efficiency of the supply chain.

Put ProSensus on your team.

ProSensus uses multivariate analysis to tackle your difficult process issues – which means, we look at your data differently, and find true root causes faster than teams using traditional statistics or approaches such as pareto charts and fishbone diagrams. ProSensus’ engineers have experience in a broad array of industries, and work closely with your engineers and scientists to ensure that subject matter expertise is incorporated into each statistical and engineering analysis.

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