Multivariate Analysis
Consulting Services

Multivariate Analysis
Consulting Services

ProSensus consulting services can help you extract meaningful insights from your big data. We do this throughout the entire production cycle: from rapidly developing new products, to scaling up production from pilot scale to full-scale production, to troubleshooting and optimizing processes.

Our team of multivariate analysis consultants have helped many Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, oil & gas, and speciality chemical industries get an improved return on investment from their big data. ProSensus has expertise in product development, process scale-up & transfer, process analysis & troubleshooting, and process improvement & optimization.

New Product Development

  • Develop new products faster
  • Formulate novel, next-generation products
  • Reformulate existing products at lower cost

Process Scale-Up & Transfer

  • Efficiently move production from lab-scale to pilot-scale to full-scale
  • Transfer production from one site to another
  • Ensure product characteristics are equivalent at multiple scales and sites

Process Analysis & Troubleshooting

  • Solve acute, complex process problems
  • Detect seasonal/environmental factors that affect product quality
  • Identify bad lots of raw materials before they enter your process

Process Improvement & Optimization

  • Find the optimal operating point/trajectory for your process
  • Implement online monitoring to help operators keep the process on track
  • Implement model-based closed-loop control to accommodate process upsets