Machine Vision Trial

First Step in Automated Inspection

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Machine vision systems for automated inline quality control are becoming industry standard as the benefits these systems provide are numerous.

Machine Vision Trial System

Manual inspection can be slow and notoriously inaccurate, with many features not reliably detectable even by the most detail-oriented staff.

ProSensus specializes in machine vision systems outfitted with the ideal combination of hardware and software to accurately measure and log product quality.

A machine vision trial, using ProSensus’ trial equipment, is a logical first step in determining hardware requirements and project feasibility.

Features Quantified

The camera(s) for any application is selected based on the features that need to be quantified.

Machine Vision CamerasColour image features: visual defects, number of products per image, number of defects per product/image, size of defects, product grade rating

Thermal features: minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation (per product or per image), temperature distribution, identify blisters/cold/hot spots

3D features: product surface area, product height/depth (for tolerance assessment), void detection

Hyperspectral: concentration of active ingredients and non-visual defects

Flexible Trial Equipment

Our trials are a fast and cost-effective way to validate an investment in machine vision. ProSensus has a flexible, portable trial system that can be shipped to our customer’s site to rapidly demonstrate the value of a machine vision solution. The dimensions of our trial system are shown below.

Machine Vision Trial System

Effective Trial Steps

  1. You tell us what quality measurements are important to you.
  2. We determine if colour, thermal, 3D imaging, or a combination is best for your application.
  3. We bring our machine vision demo system to your plant and take high quality images at-line, in real-time, demonstrating the capabilities of the technology.
  4. Finally, we provide a report summarizing what features can be extracted from the images and next steps.

If you have been contemplating an investment in automation and machine vision, contact us to get started.


Case Studies
Multi-Camera Machine Vision for Food Safety
Several of ProSensus' recent custom machine vision installations in the foods industry have included both color and thermal cameras. The digital images obtained from this combination of cameras provide numerous measurements that can be used to accomplish a variety of goals.
360 Degree Surface Inspection
One of the world's largest synthetic rubber producers came to ProSensus with customer-identified quality challenges. ProSensus designed sensitive new algorithms for the rubber inspection process and installed a 6-camera system to automatically detect defects.