BaleGuard for Rubber Bales

Deliver Only the Highest Quality to Your Customers

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Improving product quality increases your high value customer retention, promotes a happier workforce and increases profitability through efficiencies and premium product pricing.

Specifically designed for synthetic rubber manufacturers, BaleGuard is an automatic inspection system that enables delivery of only the highest quality rubber bales to your customers.

BaleGuard Quality Control for Rubber Bales

In 2009, we designed BaleGuard to detect defective rubber bales in our client’s manufacturing process. Following the success of several BaleGuard installations worldwide, BaleGuard is becoming the obvious choice for automatic bale inspection.– Marlene Cardin, BaleGuard Product Manager

BaleGuard Advanced Imaging & Powerful Analytics

  • Complete 360° surface inspection using 6 cameras in industrial enclosures
  • Scan and analyze products for defects in less than 5 seconds
  • Detect defects, contaminants, and other impurities down to 0.5 mm2
  • Predict final product quality based on surface inspection & establish relationships between defects & manufacturing conditions
  • Automatically quarantine out of spec product
  • Summary reports displayed on user-friendly HMI
  • Greater than 95% accuracy for identifying and characterizing defective products

See BaleGuard in Action

Integrated Hardware & Software Solution

  • BaleGuard camera and lighting system with supporting frame
  • Clean and simple interface for inspection mode
  • Intuitive wizards for calibration and validation
  • Vision analysis models for multiple product quality grades
  • Training for engineers and operators
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Proven to withstand the test of time in harsh manufacturing environments

Be A High Quality Rubber Supplier

Offer the best rubber bale quality on the market and be recognized as a top rubber supplier. Automate inspection of your synthetic rubber bales with the proven technology of BaleGuard. For more information about BaleGuard or to book an in-plant demonstration contact Prosensus today.


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