Real-time Inspection and Rejection for Synthetic Rubber Crumb

CrumbGuard is an advanced imaging solution that detects crumb defects prior to baling and automatically triggers bale rejection if defect criteria are met.

CrumbGuard Advanced Quality Control Synthetic Rubber

Inspired by BaleGuard, our proven rubber bale surface inspection system, CrumbGuard was developed to look beyond the bale’s surface.

Crumb inspection enables manufacturers to deliver only the highest quality rubber throughout each bale, reducing customer complaints.

CrumbGuard enables crumb inspection leading up to the baler and if implemented with BaleGuard, the combined solution provides the most comprehensive quality inspection system for synthetic rubber.

High Quality Synthetic Rubber with CrumbGuard

  • Rejection of bales containing defective crumb via contamination signal to PLC
  • Configurable rejection settings per product grade, including defect sensitivities, defect size to trigger rejection, and the minimum defect size to detect
  • Detect defects as small as 10×10 mm
  • Classify defects by colour (black, brown, yellow etc.)
  • User friendly HMI including crumb images, defect counts, and the number of bales passed and rejected

Turnkey Solution for Manufacturers

  • Turnkey system includes cameras, lighting, electrical panel, and touch screen display
  • Communicates with plant PLC and plant windows network
  • Optional thermal camera to detect crumb hot and cold spots
  • Installation and training for engineers and operators
  • Support and service contracts available

Getting Starting with CrumbGuard

Contact us for more information or for a quote. If you would like to evaluate the technology first, an on-site trial enables key stakeholders including operators, engineers, and managers to evaluate the benefits of automatic crumb inspection in real-time.

Use CrumbGuard if you want to deliver only the highest quality synthetic rubber to your customers.


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