Rapidly Develop New and Improved Products

Rapidly Develop New and Improved Products2019-10-24T11:23:40-04:00

The effective use of Big Data for rapid new product development is an innovative advancement consistent with the Industry 4.0 movement. ProSensus’ approach to RPD utilizes existing experimental/historical data, multivariate modeling, and constrained optimization to help our clients reach their desired product faster.

Our expertise in developing powerful multi-block latent variable models allows our clients to simultaneously optimize the selection of raw materials, recipe formulations, manufacturing conditions and costs to reach targeted product properties. Through this approach, we have established ourselves as a trusted global leader in rapid new product development consulting.

Our half-day awareness course is ideal for manufacturers looking to bring their product development efforts to that of an Industry 4.0 benchmark.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Introduction to our data driven approach for rapid product development
  2. Overview of the type of data required for different types of development problems
  3. Presentation of industrial case studies using our approach
  4. Discussion of potential applications for your organization

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