Machine Vision
Consulting Services

Machine Vision
Consulting Services
ProSensus consulting services can optimize your under-performing machine vision system. We make recommendations to improve the efficacy of your system for your application by focusing on hardware, algorithms and calibration & validation.

Our team of machine vision consultants have helped companies in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, oil & gas, and specialty chemical industries gain value from their machine vision investments. ProSensus has expertise to consult on: machine vision hardware, image processing algorithms, and calibration & validation procedures.

Machine Vision Hardware

Hardware selections and their appropriate set-up are critical to the success of a machine vision system.Machine Vision Hardware

ProSensus will review your existing machine vision hardware and can make recommendations to improve:

  • Camera and lighting set-up
  • Protective enclosure design and cleaning procedures
  • Camera hardware (if existing imaging resolutions and rates cannot capture image features of interest)

Once the hardware has been optimized to capture the best images, given the environment and hardware constraints, the algorithm can then be enhanced to calculate all metrics of interest.

Image Processing Algorithms

Our key area of expertise is in the calculation of metrics to quantify the image features of interest. Image Processing Algorithms

ProSensus will review your existing image processing algorithms to:

  • Improve product segmentation, key feature extraction and reliability
  • Provide pseudo-code enabling self-implementation of improvements using standard imaging libraries (typically OpenCV)

Alternatively, ProSensus can provide a complete custom software that may include features such as the calculation of applicable metrics as well as the display and logging of results.

Calibration and Validation Procedures

Machine vision systems are often lacking proper calibration and validation procedures, which are critical to verifying inspection and ensuring the long-term performance of the system.Multi-Camera Calibration

After reviewing your machine vision system including environmental considerations and a history of collected images and results, ProSensus can:

  • Improve or develop and implement calibration procedures including: lighting profile correction, color correction, and spatial calibration
  • Develop validation procedures to ensure verification of the machine vision system at the appropriate frequency

ProSensus can also provide custom software to enable the calibration and validation, and to display and log the results of these procedures.

Annual Calibration Certificates

Do your clients require proof of annual calibration? Read the Machine Vision Annual Calibration blog to learn more about ProSensus’ certification services.

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ProSensus combines advanced analytics with hardware to maximize the insights from machine vision solutions. Contact us to request an introductory meeting, to get started with a consulting project, or to learn more about our turnkey solutions.


Case Studies
Multi-Camera Machine Vision for Food Safety
Several of ProSensus' recent custom machine vision installations in the foods industry have included both color and thermal cameras. The digital images obtained from this combination of cameras provide numerous measurements that can be used to accomplish a variety of goals.
360 Degree Surface Inspection
One of the world's largest synthetic rubber producers came to ProSensus with customer-identified quality challenges. ProSensus designed sensitive new algorithms for the rubber inspection process and installed a 6-camera system to automatically detect defects.