Customized Multivariate
Analysis Training

Customized Multivariate
Analysis Training

Manufacturers are collecting more data than ever and are facing the challenge of deriving useful information from these large data sets.

Part of the challenge is understanding the relationships among all the available variables (raw materials, process conditions etc.) and how these relationships impact process performance (yield, final quality etc.).

Based on your needs, our in-house or on-site courses in multivariate analysis are customized to the right balance of theory and practical applications using real industrial data.

Whether your goal is deeper process understanding, improved product quality, or embracing the best available product development techniques, having your team trained by ProSensus is an excellent starting point.

Go beyond traditional statistical tools and uncover the hidden insights that lie within your data. Get actionable results today.

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    ProSensus Training Offerings Include:

    Why Do You Need A ProSensus Course

    Our courses take over where undergraduate engineering and science programs leave off. Not only do we go beyond traditional statistical analysis, but we apply the principles we teach to the specifics of process engineering and quality assurance.

    A solid grounding in multivariate analysis will enhance your understanding of products and processes, enable you to pinpoint process problems sooner and even find the best set of operating conditions for a given goal.

    A ProSensus course is a perfect fit for engineers, scientists and statisticians who want to realize the power of the data they’re already collecting from their industrial processes.

    It’s also relevant to those who aren’t currently collecting data and want to be strategic in their investments and well prepared to use the data as soon as it’s available.

    Our Educational Philosophy

    A ProSensus course is…

    • Hands-on. ProSensus courses allow you to apply theory to real datasets, so you can immediately put principles into practice.
    • Relevant. Our focus is not all about learning new software. We want you to understand the statistical methods and know how to apply them, within your specific industry. Bring your own data and take advantage of the one-on-one analysis support that’s scheduled at the end of every course.
    • Initiative. We don’t bog you down in the math. Instead, we use a lot of real-world examples and visuals to help you understand the basics of multivariate analysis and how it relates to your manufacturing process.
    • Intensive. You’ll be amazed at the amount you’ll learn from a custom ProSensus course.


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