New Software Offering – FormuSense

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New Software Offering - FormuSense

ProSensus is thrilled to announce that we have been working on something BIG over the past year.  We are ready to share a preview of our newest commercial software offering, FormuSense!

FormuSense is tailored to product development applications. FormuSense provides its users with the ability to rapidly and independently assemble and model historical formulation data, as well as to simulate and optimize new formulations in a user-friendly no-code platform.


Thoughts from Our Leadership

The inspiration for FormuSense came from our many years of applying multivariate analysis (MVA) and optimization to datasets intended for product development and deploying custom software solutions. Director of Projects, Marlene Cardin, explains that ProSensus noticed commonalties in the datasets, the required pre-processing steps, and modeling decisions.  “We recognized this finding as an opportunity to improve our own efficiency in delivering consulting projects. Shortly thereafter, we realized the potential for FormuSense was so much greater – that we could develop the software in such a way that it would empower our clients to rapidly complete the full product development workflow.”

ProSensus CEO Eric Johnson adds that, “This is such an innovative and well-timed development for ProSensus. Over the past 5 years, we have had continued growth in the area of product development, and we firmly believe that the release of FormuSense will strengthen our position as a leader in the area of advanced analytics for product formulation.  Moreover, adding FormuSense to our list of offerings gives us greater flexibility to engage with our clients.  Product development projects can now include consulting, commercial software, custom software or any combination of the above.”

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Register for the Webinar

Please register below to join ProSensus Founder, John MacGregor and the development team on Wednesday October 13, 2021 at 10am (Eastern) for a software demo of completed features, registration for free beta trials, and our roadmap for future releases.

We can’t wait to help you make sense of your formulation data and rapidly develop new products!

    Request a copy of the FormuSense webinar, which was held on Oct 13, 2021.

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