Process Improvement and Optimization

Process Improvement and Optimization2019-10-24T11:22:42-04:00

If you have new productivity targets to meet, and you’re wondering if there’s a better way to run your process, you may need advanced optimization techniques to find out.

If you have raw material variations and other disturbances to mitigate, you need to detect, diagnose and correct for these factors in real time.

Give your operators the tools they need to be able to monitor, predict, and improve product quality. Using statistical models and optimization, we’ll help you:

  • find the optimal operating point/trajectory for your process
  • implement online monitoring to keep the process on track
  • implement model-based closed-loop control to accommodate process upsets

If your product is a solid or slurry, consider using multivariate image analysis for monitoring, predicting, and improving product quality.

Our Clients Get Results

We have helped customers in the food and chemical industries:

  • identify process operating conditions that are more robust to disturbances
  • determine operating conditions to produce a new product grade
  • provide soft sensors that predict difficult-to-measure product properties in real-time
  • monitor process operations in real-time to provide early warning and diagnosis of emerging fault conditions
  • implement closed-loop predictive batch control to halve product quality variation and significantly increase plant capacity

Put ProSensus on your team.

ProSensus uses your historical plant data to build statistical models and determine the optimal process settings for product quality and cost. We can also use the same techniques to determine how to run the process to make a slightly different product – a different grade or line extension for example.

ProSensus can help take your manufacturing process to the next level in product quality and efficiency. To discuss the possibilities contact us.