Accelerated Modeling Sessions

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Take a front-row seat while we turn your data into insight. Accelerated Modeling Sessions provide hands-on multivariate analysis training with expedited results.

Time Well Spent

A 3-day or 4-day Accelerated Modeling Session (AMS) at our Burlington, Ontario location is the fastest way to simultaneously achieve two objectives: acquire personalized multivariate analysis (MVA) training and obtain actionable results on your own dataset.

“I learned so much from the session. I returned to [work] with defined action items… and with a new skill set for tackling similar problems on my own in the future.” – AMS Participant, 2018

Accelerated Modeling Sessions with ProSensus
Collaboration at its finest:

  • Your data & process knowledge
  • Plus our multivariate modeling expertise
  • Equals expedited and actionable results


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What’s Included

An AMS for 2-5 individuals includes the following:

1. Pre-Session Activities

  • Data collection template(s)
  • Data pre-processing
  • Preliminary multivariate model development

2. Session Activities

  • Introduction to MVA theory
  • Demonstration of functionality of software of your choice
  • Development of several MVA models on your dataset(s)
  • Identification of next steps
  • Preliminary session summary presentation

3. Post-Session Activities

  • Finalized session summary presentation
  • Follow-up meeting with your team
Request a quote to get started with an Accelerated Modeling Session today.


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