Multivariate Modeling and ExxonMobil’s Product Development

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Rapid product development new resinsDr. David Fiscus, Staff Chemist for ExxonMobil Chemical Company provided a talk at the Polymer Technology Center (Texas A&M University) on April 25th, summarizing a recent project with ProSensus on applying multivariate modeling to EMMC’s product development database.

The complete abstract for David’s talk “Developing Structure-Process-Property Relationships using Multivariate Analysis” and speaker bio can be found below.


The properties of polymeric materials depend on their composition and the molecular architectures of each of the components. Simultaneous changes to these material factors, along with fabrication conditions alter the balance of properties of formed parts. Understanding these multivariate structure-process-property relationships can guide material development.

We present the application of hierarchical multivariate analysis to establishing the structure-process-property relationships of commercial polyethylene blown film resins and interpret the result to the development of new resins with targeted film performance.

About the Speaker

David M. Fiscus received his PhD from the Ohio State University in 1985. He runs technical programs related to polyethylene resins and products, and has done so for +27 years in research, manufacturing and customer support positions. He currently works for ExxonMobil Chemical Company in Global Product Research supporting the development of new metallocene catalyzed polyethylene resins.

You can learn more about how to use multivariate data analysis to rapidly develop new products here, or contact us.

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