ProSenus’ RPD Framework Featured in Rubber World Magazine

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The January 2021 issue of Rubber World Magazine featured an article written by Marlene Cardin and Kristin Wallace on ProSensus’ Rapid Product Development (RPD) framework.

The comprehensive article, titled “Accelerate Product Development Testing by Digitalizing Formulator Knowledge“, presents the motivation, framework, key technical concepts, case studies, and the phased approach of ProSensus’ Rapid Product Development (RPD) projects.

A brief excerpt of the article is provided below, along with options for reading the full article.

Article Excerpt

Accelerate Product Development Testing by Digitalizing Formulator Knowledge

Marlene Cardin & Kristin Wallace, ProSensus.
Product development (or product formulation) has played an important role within the rubber industry for many years; manufacturers have continually strived to produce new or improved products, at lower cost, and often with fewer or alternative raw materials. And now in the era of Industry 4.0, big data and digitalization, intelligently gleaning value from research and development data is a top priority for manufacturers who wish to remain competitive in the industry. Compounding the increasing pressure to more efficiently develop new products is a very real threat many manufacturers are currently facing: potentially watching years of cultivated knowledge walk out the door as the baby boomers continue their exodus from industry and enter retirement.

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    About the Author: Kristin Wallace

    Kristin Wallace, MASc
    Project / Sales Engineer
    Kristin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science (optimization focus) from McMaster University. She has worked on projects in rapid product development and troubleshooting and plays a key role in writing technical proposals. Prior to working at ProSensus, she spent 5 years working at Hatch designing and troubleshooting non-ferrous electric arc furnaces.