About Moustafa Kasem

Moustafa Kasem, B.ENG.MGT.
Project Engineer
Moustafa has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Management from McMaster University. Moustafa has been involved with projects in rapid product development and plays a key role in the development and integration of machine vision systems. Prior to joining ProSensus, he analyzed refinery process operations as part of Suncor’s Process Automation team and later held a system integrator role at Jordan Engineering, developing and implementing PLC and HMI solutions.

Machine Vision Annual Calibration

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Calibration and validation procedures are critical to verifying inspection and ensuring the long-term performance of a machine vision system. Furthermore, manufacturers often have customers who require proof of annual calibration as part of their product acceptance contracts.   In this article, we review some of the key aspects covered by a ProSensus annual calibration certificate [...]