Why Dell Acquired StatSoft

A Multivariate Perspective

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Dell StatSoft ProSensus PartnershipDell’s recent acquisition of StatSoft reinforces the growing acknowledgement that advanced data analytics are essential in today’s complex world.

Matt Wolken, VP of Dell Software’s information management group described the move as “the latest step in a long-term and still-ongoing plan to assemble a compelling collection of data and information management capabilities.”

Companies that Harness their Data Gain an Advantage

The need for advanced data analytics is accelerating and multivariate analysis is a powerful component of this technology. Companies who want to stay ahead of the game recognize that partnering with leaders in advanced data analytics leads to new manufacturing and business insights. ProSensus and StatSoft customers already know this. It is obvious that Dell, with their acquisition of StatSoft has astutely identified it too.

Our Strategic Alliance with StatSoft

Last year, we partnered with StatSoft to deliver real-time multivariate solutions to a wider global market. STATISTICA users can now further refine their multivariate analysis models (PCA or PLS) by using our industry leading desktop software ProMV and deploy them online for continuous or batch processes (ProMV Online, ProBatch Online, ProBatch Control) for process health monitoring, soft sensors and/or process control.

What is Multivariate Analysis & Why Adopt it?

Multivariate analysis is an advanced set of statistical methods used to build exploratory and predictive models based on multiple input variables (e.g., raw material properties, process and environmental conditions) and multiple outcomes (e.g., final product quality). Multivariate analysis applications in manufacturing were largely pioneered by ProSensus founder Dr. John F. MacGregor, and have been used by industry leaders for years – to analyze historical process data, troubleshoot process problems, and predict, control and optimize product quality and yield.

Multivariate Analysis Delivers Insights Manufacturers Need

In April, we taught two public courses (one sold-out) and an in-house course for technical managers at a Fortune 500 petrochemical company. Read the course wrap-up to see what our participants thought.

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