Enterprise-Wide Multivariate Analysis, Monitoring and Control

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Enterprise Wide Multivariate AnalysisProSensus has teamed up with two industry leaders, Capstone Technology and StatSoft, to bring to our customers a comprehensive offering of multivariate analysis tools that can be deployed across a corporate enterprise both offline and online.

Today, we are officially announcing our collaboration with StatSoft, and it’s truly a win-win. This collaboration expands our reach across the globe, and gives users of STATISTICATM a clear path forward for implementing their multivariate analysis models online, for process monitoring and control.

StatSoft Inc. is a global provider of enterprise-wide statistical modeling software with a strong reputation for user satisfaction (recently rated #1 primary commercial tool in the 2013 Rexer Analytics Survey) and ease of integration into existing IT infrastructures.

True to their reputation, StatSoft is now working with ProSensus to ensure their users can easily import data from STATISTICA into ProMV for further multivariate analysis and model refinement. These models can then be deployed in real-time through the ProSensus online suite (ProMV Online, ProBatch Online and ProBatch Control). ProSensus and StatSoft plan to pursue even tighter integration of the functionality and benefits of their respective software suites in the future.

ProSensus has long been recognized as a leader in multivariate analysis consulting for the manufacturing industries, and in recent years both ProSensus and StatSoft have seen an increasing need for online multivariate monitoring and control. In order to innovate quickly and satisfy this need, ProSensus collaborated with Capstone Technology Inc. (who also had a strong interest in satisfying their customers’ need for online multivariate analysis), and embedded our state-of-the-art multivariate analysis engines into their proven and popular online data acquisition and visualization platform, PARCview.

The result? ProBatch Online (real-time, predictive batch monitoring and soft sensors) and ProBatch Control (predictive, mid-batch recipe adjustment for real-time batch control). And beginning in ProMV 13.08, released this fall, we are very pleased to make online multivariate model deployment easy for STATISTICA users, by allowing them to open their STATISTICA files in ProMV.

ProSensus has full confidence in our partners, StatSoft and Capstone Technology. Together we are defining what it means to deliver the power of multivariate analysis enterprise-wide from offline analysis to online process monitoring, control and optimization. If your business is ready to experience the benefits of multivariate analysis, contact us to set up a discussion or demonstration.

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