3D Imaging

Capture Shape & Color Product Quality Characteristics

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ProSensus’ machine vision technology using color cameras with integrated custom software allows for automatic detection of poor quality product. This is executed more efficiently and with higher accuracy than humanly possible.

3D Imaging Implementation CPGMachine vision is a growing field that Industry 4.0 leaders are implementing at their manufacturing operations.

When product quality criteria go beyond simple color characteristics, a ProSensus 3D machine vision system can provide further insight such as the size or shape of an object.

This is particularly relevant to the formed-food product industry (frozen potato products, ground meat products, baked goods, granola bars, etc.).

The 3D imaging data can be used to identify defective products that would otherwise pass a simple color camera inspection.

3D Image Feature Extraction

Examples of the advanced feature extraction capabilities of a 3D machine vision solution include:

  • Number of products per image
  • Detection of classes of color defects, and count of number of defects in each class
  • Calculation of product surface area for tolerance assessment, and tracking min, avg, max
  • Calculation of product depth/height for tolerance assessment, and tracking min, avg, max
  • Detection of multiple classes of voids, and count of voids in each class

ProSensus 3D Machine Vision

3D Imaging SolutionThe hardware for a typical 3D machine vision system will include lighting, lasers and the camera.

Custom hardware enclosures are designed to suit the manufacturing conditions.

The turnkey solution provided by ProSensus also includes a custom algorithm and custom control room software. Results are logged to database, and are images logged to storage server.


Advanced Quality Control

Improve your quality control efforts by capturing 3-dimensional features and incorporating this advanced image data into a machine vision system. Book your in-plant 3D machine vision trial with ProSensus today, and let the results speak for themselves.


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Case Studies
Multi-Camera Machine Vision for Food Safety
Several of ProSensus' recent custom machine vision installations in the foods industry have included both color and thermal cameras. The digital images obtained from this combination of cameras provide numerous measurements that can be used to accomplish a variety of goals.
360 Degree Surface Inspection
One of the world's largest synthetic rubber producers came to ProSensus with customer-identified quality challenges. ProSensus designed sensitive new algorithms for the rubber inspection process and installed a 6-camera system to automatically detect defects.