Get Deeper Insights From Surface Inspection

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Surface Inspection with Machine VisionLooking for solutions to help you with Surface Inspection?

ProSensus BaleGuard is an advanced multivariate machine vision system that enables manufacturers to monitor, predict and improve product quality by analyzing color, texture, and other surface properties of products in sheet or bale form. BaleGuard is ideal for plastics, stone, lumber, metal, and any product manufactured in sheet or bale form.

One of the worlds largest synthetic rubber manufacturers used BaleGuard to quickly identify and remove out of spec product based on a pre-determined classification. They were also able to troubleshoot process problems upstream that were causing out of spec bales, alerting operators of when a corrective action was required.

With BaleGuard you can:

  1. Achieve 360° surface inspection with a 6-camera system
  2. Scan and analyze products for defects in less than 4 seconds
  3. Detect defects & contaminants down to 1mm
  4. Automatically quarantine out-of-spec products
  5. Exceed 95% accuracy for identifying and characterizing products

Discover how BaleGuard can help you improve product quality in real-time.

About the Author: Jamal Alli

Jamal Alli
Jamal Alli, BES
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Jamal was with ProSensus from 2012-2018 as our sales and marketing manager. He worked with many of our clients to realize the value created through our training, software, and consulting services.