Why Do You Need a ProSensus Awareness Course?

Why Do You Need a ProSensus Awareness Course?2019-10-24T11:23:49-04:00

Manufacturing executives are being mandated to use advanced analytics to implement BIG Data and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

With advancements in cloud computing and storage, collection and access of manufacturing data has never been easier but the reality is that 70% of collected manufacturing data is never analyzed1.

A ProSensus in-house Awareness Course gives you the fundamental understanding on how to effectively use the experimental, process, and digital image data you are collecting to solve challenges in R&D and production.

ProSensus Training Courses

A ProSensus 1 Day Awareness Course Covers:

  • The history, nature and use of BIG Data in the process industries.
  • The types of BIG Data analytics that are useful in different situations (machine learning, latent variable methods) and some misunderstandings around these.
  • An introduction to the concepts of latent variable methods for client selected area(s) of interest.
  • Industrial case studies relevant to client selected area(s) of interest.
  • Meetings to discuss potential projects.

Get the Most Out of Your Manufacturing Data

ProSensus has enabled many Fortune 500 manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and food & beverage industries to get a better return on investment from their big data. Allow a global leader in BIG data analytics to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the data and methods required to solve your complex challenges. We can even help you identify a pilot project to get started. Contact us to set up an Awareness Course and make the first steps toward getting the most out of your manufacturing data.

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