Optimize your Processes and Products at CSP 2017

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Join us at the Conference on Statistical Practice (CSP) 2017, February 23rd – 25th, in Jacksonville, Florida. CSP provides participants with opportunities to learn new statistical methodologies and best practices to solve real world problems. ProSensus founder, Dr. John MacGregor will be presenting a talk on how multivariate data analysis can be used to optimize [...]

Formulate and Deliver Better Performing Rubber at IEC 2015

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Making the trip down to the International Elastomer Conference (IEC) 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio? The mission for IEC 2015 is to enhance science, technology and business across the evolving elastomeric community. Our advanced machine vision solution for the automatic inspection and quality control of rubber bales (BaleGuard), and the work we've done with Mitsubishi to [...]

Big Data Analytics & AIChE Conference 2015

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Attending the AIChE Spring Meeting 2015 in Austin, Texas? ProSensus will be exhibiting our desktop multivariate data analysis solution ProMV, and our online solution for real-time batch monitoring (ProBatch Online) and control (ProBatch Control). ProSensus will be demonstrating how to find the root cause of product variation, predict product quality, and find optimal operating conditions [...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend the International Rubber Expo 2014

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If your world revolves around manufacturing rubber products, this is the trade show for you! The International Rubber Expo 2014 is coming to the Nashville Convention Center, TN on October 14-16.     Reasons Why You Should Attend: It's the annual gathering place for major rubber industry players from customers to suppliers. You;ll have the [...]

IFPAC 2014: Model-Based Control For Fed-Batch Cell Cultures

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In the BioTech – I section of IFPAC 2014 (January 23rd, morning session), ProSensus president Dr. John F. MacGregor and Dr. Gene Schaefer, senior director of large molecule API development at Janssen will be presenting an overview and early results of a collaborative project between ProSensus, Janssen, the FDA, and NIST. The project aims to [...]

ProSensus at IFPAC 2013

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ProSensus will present two exciting multivariate analysis (MVA) technologies at IFPAC this year. The first presentation (Wednesday PM, Jan 23rd) will discuss how Johnson & Johnson embedded MVA into their integrated data management (IDM) infrastructure to streamline the analysis workflow to monitor, predict and improve product quality. The second presentation (Thursday PM, Jan 24th) will [...]