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The Role of Multivariate Models in Rapid Product Development

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IFPAC 2018 Rapid Product DevelopmentJoin us at the 2018 International Forum on Process Analytical Chemistry (IFPAC) Global Conference in North Bethesda, Maryland (Washington, D.C.), February 11th – 14th.

IFPAC brings together pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food industry professionals to discuss the latest advancements in process analytical technologies, quality by design, process understanding and control, and real-time analytics and their industrial applications.

ProSensus Project Engineer, Dr. Brandon Corbett, will be presenting during the Wednesday AM-III session which is focused on the “Role of Models and Model Maintenance.” Brandon’s talk will explain how ProSensus’ framework for rapid product development (ProFormulate) has been applied to the rapid development of hydrogels for drug delivery.

Developing Hydrogels for Drug Delivery using ProFormulate

This collaboration between McMaster University and ProSensus, demonstrates the efficacy of using latent variable modeling to develop product formulations. Particularly, this work expands a framework (ProFormulate), originally developed by John MacGregor’s research group in the mid-2000s to incorporate dynamic response data.

The framework was used to develop hydrogels for drug delivery. First, a high-throughput machine was used to generate hydrogels following two mixture design experiments. These experiments incorporated 11 hydrazide and 2 aldehyde polymers. Hydrogels were evaluated on drug release properties and transparency. Next, the proposed latent variable framework was used to identify a single overall model of the responses.

Based on this model, 12 optimal formulations were identified. These 12 formulations optimally meet three categories of desired end-use properties designed based on different pharmaceutical applications. Testing on hydrogels produced from these formulations demonstrates the veracity of the model and the efficacy of the methodology.

About the Speaker

Dr. Brandon Corbett holds a PhD. in chemical engineering (applied multivariate analysis / process systems) from McMaster University, Canada. Brandon has focused much of his career on model predictive quality control for batch and continuous processes. Since joining ProSensus, Brandon has been focused on implementing the ProFormulate framework to help manufacturers rapidly develop new, or reformulate existing products, working with Fortune 500 companies in the specialty chemical, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries.

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