Multivariate Analysis: Big Data, Big Money

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Our President and CEO, Dr. John F. MacGregor, was interviewed by Canadian Chemical News in the July/August issue:

The author Tyler Irving writes that, “John MacGregor uses multivariate models to improve the bottom line for some of the world’s biggest chemical companies.”

In the article, they discuss how to effectively learn from data, how the process data industry has changed over the decades, and the major innovations that MacGregor made in in multivariate modelling of digital images.

Dr. MacGregor also discusses case studies of his work with Frito-Lay on improving quality control for Doritos, Tostitos and Cheetos using a machine vision system. He also discusses work with Dupont Canada, Mitsubishi, and the Srixon golf ball. Continue reading the Q&A. here.

“We’re taking it (multivariate analysis) beyond the published literature, developing new products in a fraction of the time it used to take, and creating control systems to do things that nobody’s ever done before. It has taken off extremely well, and that’s been extremely satisfying to see.”Dr. John F. MacGregor, (Canadian Chemical News, July/August 2012)

About the Author: Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols, MASc
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Emily was a project leader at ProSensus from 2011-2015. Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Systems & Computing and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science from McMaster University. During her time at ProSensus, she was involved in many client projects using multivariate analysis to solve challenging problems.