Would you rather do 321,000 experiments? Or 12?

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Productivity in Product DevelopmentOne of the best-kept secrets at ProSensus is that we help clients improve their return on investment in product development. Our clients can:

  • Formulate new products in half the time (compared to traditional methods)
  • Achieve 20-40% reductions in raw material costs
  • Create new-to-world products that capture huge market share and high margins

In the past 3 years, I’ve worked on some very specific applications, like frozen muffin batters, next-generation automotive fluids, and smart polymers for eye injections.

Now I’d like to explore some general aspects and best practices of product development with you.

You’re Invited:

A Discussion on Productivity in Product Development

Emily NicholsI’m setting aside 2 days in September to explore the pressures you’re facing in product development, how you measure success, and where you look for new ideas on increasing productivity.

If you’re a Director, Vice-President, or Manager of product development, invest 15-30 minutes to discuss the state of product development in your organization. In return, I’ll explain how you can reduce a traditional DOE of 321,000 experiments to just 12.

It will be a casual one-on-one discussion, and I promise I won’t sell you anything.

There are a limited number of time slots, so claim yours today… or pass along this offer to the product development leader in your organization.

Claim Your Spot:

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About the Author: Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols
Emily Nichols, MASc
Project Leader
Emily was a project leader at ProSensus from 2011-2015. Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Systems & Computing and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science from McMaster University. During her time at ProSensus, she was involved in many client projects using multivariate analysis to solve challenging problems.