ProSensus Becomes an AspenTech ISP and TSP

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What Does Becoming an AspenTech ISP TSP mean for youIn September 2016, ProSensus sold our ProMV software to Aspen Technology Inc. (AspenTech). ProMV, an off-line multivariate data analysis software tool helps manufactures get actionable insights from their complex data sets. We’re happy to announce that Aspen Technology Inc. has just released “Aspen ProMV” as a part of their new Asset Performance Management (APM) suite. The APM suite intends to minimize unplanned shutdowns by predicting problems from data, and prescribing solutions before a problem occurs. The rationale for the suite is simple, a highly optimized plant isn’t any good if a process-induced shutdown occurs.

As companies look to evaluate Aspen ProMV to troubleshoot their complex process problems, they typically need a bit of coaching and consulting along the way as there usually isn’t enough in-house expertise. ProSensus, now an official Implementation Service Provider (ISP) for AspenTech, will help manufacturers with just that. ProSensus will work with manufacturers to help define the scope of the problem, organize their data, build multivariate models to model the process, and use those models to identify key contributors to poor operation. If you have a pilot project, or want to learn more about the potential use of MVA and Aspen ProMV for a particular application, please contact us.

In addition to becoming an ISP, ProSensus will also serve as a Teaching Service Partner (TSP). As a TSP, ProSensus will facilitate training to help engineers understand the methods, as well as how to use Aspen ProMV to analyze their own data. If you’re interested in attending an upcoming public course, or would like to explore options for running an in-house course please contact us. ProSensus is looking forward to serving our existing and future clients better through our developing relationship with AspenTech.

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Jamal Alli, BES
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