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IP Aquisition ImageProSensus helps manufacturers leverage their industrial Big Data to improve product quality and process efficiency. We do this by using multivariate data analysis to establish the underlying relationship from raw materials and process conditions to final product quality, and yield. Our approach has been guided by ProSensus founder Dr. John F. MacGregor, a pioneer in the field of Multivariate Analysis (MVA).

Over the years, because of a void in the market place, we developed a suite of software solutions that allowed us to analyze data using MVA. We developed a mature solution for desktop MVA, and our approach to Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MSPC), and Advanced Process Control (APC) for batch processes was unrivaled.

While our fundamental expertise is in using these tools to solve your complex manufacturing problems, we determined that our software tools would be better served under the stewardship of a software powerhouse. And so, on September 1st, we sold our software IP to Aspen Technology Inc., a global provider of smart manufacturing and supply chain management software for the process industries with 30 offices around the world spanning 6 continents. The sale of our software suite includes ProMV, ProMV Online, ProBatch Online, and ProBatch Control.

Dr. Mark-John Bruwer, former ProSensus CTO, has joined AspenTech where he will continue his leadership in developing MVA solutions for the process industries. ProSensus continues as a team of thought and practice leaders in MVA and will continue to provide the same excellent consulting services you’ve come to expect from us.

ProSensus Services Include:

In addition to consulting, we will continue to deliver our world class machine vision systems that provide real-time quality control using image-based turnkey solutions.

Our machine vision solutions include:

ProSensus is very excited about the future and we’re looking forward to helping you solve your complex manufacturing problems using MVA or machine vision. If you have any further questions please contact us.

About the Author: Jamal Alli

Jamal Alli, BES
Sales & Marketing Manager
Jamal was with ProSensus from 2012-2018 as our sales and marketing manager. He worked with many of our clients to realize the value created through our training, software, and consulting services.