ProSensus to Present at Rubber Division ACS Spring Technical Meeting 2021

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Marlene Cardin, Director of Projects at ProSensus, will be participating in the Rubber Division ACS Spring Technical Meeting 2021.

Marlene will virtually present “Capitalize on Historical Data in the Rubber Industry with Multivariate Analysis” on Thursday, April 29 at 10:45 AM (Eastern). This presentation will be part of the Modelling & Simulation session.


Capitalize on Historical Data in the Rubber Industry with Multivariate Analysis

Marlene Cardin. ProSensus. Burlington, ON, Canada.

As Industry 4.0 and Digitalization initiatives continue to drive the ever-increasing availability of historical data, the effective use of this data has become critical to the success of rubber manufacturers.

Multivariate analysis (MVA) is a proven method for analyzing and interpreting diverse industrial Big Data. MVA can be readily applied to R&D data and to process operation data in order to accelerate product development, to improve yield or product quality, or to reduce operating costs.

The principle behind MVA is that variation in most large datasets is driven by only a small set of independent factors. Therefore, the purpose of MVA is to reduce the number of variables in a dataset to a small number of independent components that are capable of explaining the variance in the data.

Some of the benefits of applying MVA to historical data include the ability to:
– Analyze information from multiple data sources simultaneously
– Handle highly correlated variables and missing data
– Produce intuitive plots for results interpretation
– Reveal or confirm relationships between variables in the dataset

This presentation will introduce the concepts of MVA with case studies in the rubber industry for product formulation, process troubleshooting, process improvement, model simulation and optimization. Typical challenges and dataset limitations in the rubber industry will also be discussed.

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