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Capstone ProSensus PartnershipProSensus is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Capstone Technology Corporation to bring the power of multivariate batch analysis, monitoring and control into Capstone’s proven platform for data capture, visualization, and notification.

The need for multivariate analysis in batch processes is well established, and Capstone’s PARCview system, as part of our ProBatch products, provides this analysis in real time, enabling operators and engineers to make informed decisions based on accessible, complete information.

With this collaboration, ProSensus and Capstone have created a unique suite that fundamentally streamlines the process by which batch data is collected, analyzed, and brought online for batch monitoring and batch control.

Data export capabilities within PARCview will allow clients to search and aggregate batch data from their plant historians and export it to ProMV, ProSensus’ desktop multivariate analysis tool. Once the models are finalized, they can be uploaded to an online server where they are available for real time batch monitoring or for closed loop batch control.

The PARCview view client offers unparalleled visualization and trending, and it is flexible and customizable. PARCview can access historian (time-series and/or SQL) and OPC data sources simultaneously; it can display data through desktop, web and mobile interfaces; it provides alarm notifications, robust security and audit trail features. PARCview is both OPCDA and OPCHDA compliant. In addition, PARCview allows users to create sophisticated calculations using the full VB.Net programming language and to validate these against both historical and live data.

In manufacturing plants with existing data historians and batch tracking systems, ProSensus and Capstone can offer Capstone’s fully-featured PARCserver historian to supplement or to address challenging data archiving requirements such as storing spectral data. PARCserver also addresses genealogical data tracking whereby the flow of materials and their associated data are tracked from raw materials through the various manufacturing steps.

Learn more about how your company can develop a competitive advantage using real time multivariate batch monitoring and multivariate batch control.

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