ProSensus brings real-time MVA to the classroom

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ProMV Online ClassroomProSensus founder Dr. John F. MacGregor was instrumental in taking multivariate analysis applications from academia to industry and continues to support technology transfer.

ProSensus has partnered with the Federico Santa Maria Technical University in Valparaiso, Chile to bring real-time multivariate analysis to their fully instrumented pilot plant with ProMV Online.

Using ProMV Online, students can experience multivariate SPC, conduct fault detection on raw material and process variables, and take corrective actions based on insights from contribution plots, SPE diagrams, and other control charts. Learn more about ProMV Online, or inquire about a demo.

About the Author: Jamal Alli

Jamal Alli
Jamal Alli, BES
Sales & Marketing Manager
Jamal was with ProSensus from 2012-2018 as our sales and marketing manager. He worked with many of our clients to realize the value created through our training, software, and consulting services.