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ProSensus at IFPAC 2013ProSensus will present two exciting multivariate analysis (MVA) technologies at IFPAC this year.

The first presentation (Wednesday PM, Jan 23rd) will discuss how Johnson & Johnson embedded MVA into their integrated data management (IDM) infrastructure to streamline the analysis workflow to monitor, predict and improve product quality.

The second presentation (Thursday PM, Jan 24th) will discuss how Mondelez International (formerly Kraft foods) was able to better source raw materials using MVA methods, reducing product quality variability. We look forward to seeing you at IFPAC.

Johnson & Johnson Solving BIG Data with Multivariate Analysis

“Stitching” data for analysis from multiple sources is a time consuming challenge faced by many companies, including Johnson & Johnson. ProSensus will discuss how Integrated Data Management (IDM) and MVA technologies were combined to quickly collate, visualize, and analyze J&J’s process data. Contact us to discover how you can seamlessly integrate MVA into your complex process data.

Mondelez Reducing Variability, Improving ROI

ProSensus Inc. will discuss a novel method applied at Mondelez International that quantifies the relationship between multiple raw materials and the impact on final product quality. Multivariate specification technology allows Mondelez to better source raw materials from multiple vendors, thus decreasing product quality variability. To learn more contact us online.

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Emily Nichols
Emily Nichols, MASc
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Emily was a project leader at ProSensus from 2011-2015. Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Systems & Computing and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science from McMaster University. During her time at ProSensus, she was involved in many client projects using multivariate analysis to solve challenging problems.