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Learning from your Historical Process Data

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historical process dataJoin us for a 45 minute webinar on Thursday November 12th at 11 AM EST that will go over how to use multivariate statistical modelling to help you gain actionable insights from your historical process and lab data.

Building a multivariate statistical model of your data in ProMV is a key step in the ProFormulate 5 step framework for rapid product development. ProFormulate is ideal for formulators that are looking to create new products, improve existing products, reformulate with alternative materials, or consolidate products to use fewer materials, and it all begins with analyzing your data in ProMV.

The webinar will be presented by a senior ProSensus project engineer with over 7 years of experience helping manufacturers in a wide range of industries from pharmaceutical to specialty chemicals learn from their historical data and improve their process efficiencies.

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Thursday November 12th, 11:00 AM EST

Registration for this webinar is now closed. For a ProMV demo please contact us.

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Jamal Alli, BES
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