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Gain New Process Insights and Prevent Costly Disruptions

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Get New Process Insights Prevent Process DisruptionsAre you getting costly complaints from your customers or do you need to measure new quality attributes to prevent process disruptions? Whether it is related to visible features, performance attributes, ratios or blends of your product or other characteristics, our machine vision systems can help. Our solutions not only offer 100% inspection that can prevent complaints, but the quality parameters logged will help you gain new insights and even tune your process to reduce off-spec production.

For the first year ever, ProSensus will be showcasing our complete line of turnkey machine vision systems at the International Elastomer Conference. Additionally, as we’ve done in previous years, we’ll be showcasing our solutions that are specific to the rubber industry; BaleGuard which offers 100% surface inspection for rubber bales, and CrumbGuard which offers inspection of rubber crumb. As industry moves towards automated inspection, these solutions continue to gain traction and we are pleased to add Firestone and Synthos to our client list this year.

Our machine vision solutions offer 100% inspection, automatic rejection and give you the ability to classify, quantify and log defects. We use color, 3D, or thermal imaging to measure visual and non-visual properties of your product to assess quality in real-time. Automatic rejection can be implemented to remove products that don’t fit your quality specifications.

What attributes can be measured?

Typical attributes that are measured using different imaging sensors include:

  • Color imaging for visual defects, and size distribution
  • 3D imaging to measure size, shape and color variation
  • Thermal imaging to quantify temperature, hot and cold spots
  • Hyperspectral imaging to obtain composition information

Are our systems truly turnkey?

In the market there is a void of truly turnkey solutions from software, to hardware, to integration. We are completely turnkey. Our systems include:

  • Hardware for harsh industrial environments
  • Software including advanced algorithm development and intuitive operator displays
  • Installation, integration, documentation and training

How do I get started?

Have you identified that machine vision could help you, but are wondering how to get started? It’s typically a three step process:

  1. Define your problem, or quality attributes that you’re looking for.
  2. We identify the hardware you need.
  3. We set up an on-site trial so you can get multiple stakeholders to see the benefits of machine vision at your production line, in real-time.

We’re happy to prevent customer complaints for you, and help you gain new process insights but first we need to know what quality attributes you’re looking to detect. Let us know by contacting us here. Or you can come check us out at booth 443 at IEC 2016, in Pittsburgh, PA, October 10th – 13th.

About the Author: Marlene Cardin

Marlene Cardin
Marlene Cardin, MASc
Director of Projects
Since 2007, Marlene has helped many Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, speciality chemical, and oil & gas industries get actionable insights from their big data. In addition to working closely with our consulting clients, Marlene oversees the growth of our ProVision division which offers fully turnkey machine vision systems for real-time quality monitoring & control. Marlene has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario). Marlene completed her Master’s degree under the supervision of ProSensus founder, Dr. John F. MacGregor.