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Communicate Batch Trajectory FindingsAs process engineers ourselves, we know it can be challenging to communicate the results of a multivariate analysis to your colleagues and managers, especially for batch processes. In ProMV 14.08 we worked hard to help you tell your stories so your co-workers can easily grasp your findings without being experts in multivariate analysis.

Released last month, ProMV 14.08 adds visual enhancements to trajectory plots and allows you to select and plot only the key trajectories for your presentations. In addition, we’ve completely revamped the simulation of real-time batch process monitoring, which will provide a big WOW factor in your next meeting.

Real-Time Batch Monitoring

ProMV’s ability to simulate real-time batch monitoring has always been a unique and important feature. The tool has been completely re-styled in ProMV 14.08 with a clean, easy to understand interface that resembles the dashboard in ProBatch Online.

Now you can easily show your co-workers and managers the benefits of implementing your models online, for prediction of key variables and fault detection.

Focus on Key Variables for Presentations

Bar plots (loadings, contributions, VIP’s, and coefficients) are at the heart of batch trajectory analysis, but showing all of the trajectory variables on every plot can be overwhelming in presentations. Longtime ProMV users are thrilled by the ability to plot just a subset of the variables on their bar plots.

Selected Multivariate Batch Trajectory Loadings

Visualize the Raw Batch Trajectories

Sometimes people just want to see the raw data. We’ve made it easier than ever to create meaningful plots of batch process measurements. Our univariate raw data plots now show optional phase markers which visually define specific process steps. The trajectories can be coloured by secondary ID’s, so you can see if groups of batches stand out in a univariate sense. Active plot options allow you to build just one raw data plot and use it to scroll through all the trajectory variables using your arrow keys. Best of all, managers don’t need to know anything about multivariate analysis to understand these plots!

Raw Data Long

Upgrade to ProMV 14.08 Today

Time flies and 2014 will be gone before you know it. Many of our customers find this is a convenient time of year to upgrade their software and extend their maintenance package with us. Download the latest version today, or contact us to check the status of your software maintenance.

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Marlene Cardin
Marlene Cardin, MASc
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Since 2007, Marlene has helped many Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, speciality chemical, and oil & gas industries get actionable insights from their big data. In addition to working closely with our consulting clients, Marlene oversees the growth of our ProVision division which offers fully turnkey machine vision systems for real-time quality monitoring & control. Marlene has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario). Marlene completed her Master’s degree under the supervision of ProSensus founder, Dr. John F. MacGregor.