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ProSensus Engineering ConsultingProSensus was founded by Dr. John F. MacGregor to further develop his 35 years of research into advanced multivariate analysis solutions for industrial problems. This month, we’re celebrating John’s birthday, his many accomplishments and the recognition he has received from industry and academia.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research journal has produced a Festschrift (celebration publication) in honour of Dr. MacGregor’s profound influence in several areas of chemical engineering, especially in multivariate analysis:

“The strength of his work designed an entirely new field in chemical engineering, so that today, a chemical engineering conference without papers on multivariate statistics is unthinkable. Dr. MacGregor has extended these insights into many new topics central to chemical engineering, such as batch control, block process analysis, product development, product quality inference, and image processing, all of which involve large data sets of nonspecific measurements.”

Continue reading the Preface to John MacGregor Festschrift.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) will honour Dr. MacGregor with 2 special sessions (Sunday, Nov 3) at their annual meeting in San Francisco. Sessions will cover research and technical accomplishments by students and close collaborators from different eras of his research and industrial collaborations. Contact John if you’d like to meet up with him at the AIChE meeting.

Throughout his research career, Dr. MacGregor has emphasized the importance of practical research and its adoption by industry. If your company is looking for novel ways to solve difficult process and product problems, contact ProSensus. Our engineers look at data differently, and we work closely with our clients to find you the right solution, the first time.

About the Author: Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols
Emily Nichols, MASc
Project Leader
Emily was a project leader at ProSensus from 2011-2015. Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Systems & Computing and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science from McMaster University. During her time at ProSensus, she was involved in many client projects using multivariate analysis to solve challenging problems.