Optimize Plant Performance Using MVA

Optimize Plant Performance Using MVA2019-10-24T11:23:30-04:00

This comprehensive 2-day course provides complete training on how to find the independent driving forces affecting process performance and how you can effectively extract actionable insights from available historical data.

Using multivariate data analysis, the course will teach you how to improve product quality, increase yield and how to optimize your process. Workshops using real industrial data (attendees data is used where possible), and executed on desktop MVA software (Aspen ProMV), will give you the practical experience you need to better analyze and interpret your big data. Contact us today to obtain more information or to schedule this course.

Our attendees return to work ready to apply multivariate data analysis to their own applications. In addition, ProSensus’ highly-trained instructors can serve to propel projects forward in a consulting capacity subsequent to course-completion.

A GOOD FIT FOR: Engineers, scientists and statisticians responsible for process troubleshooting, control and optimization.

PREREQUISITES: None. Experience in the collection and/or analysis of process data is desirable. A background in basic statistics is helpful, but not required.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to the nature of process data
  • Concept of latent variables
  • Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
  • Analysis of historical data and troubleshooting using PCA
  • Projection to Latent Structures/Partial Least Squares (PLS)
  • Interpretation of empirical models and soft sensor applications
  • SPC and multivariate monitoring
  • Multivariate classification

We Can Come To You

Train your team in multivariate analysis by hosting an in-house course by ProSensus. Choose from half-day or full-day seminars or specialized multi-day workshops. We’ll customize the curriculum to meet your needs — we’re here to help.

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