About Mark-John Bruwer

Mark-John Bruwer, Ph.D.
From 2007- 2016, Mark-John led company strategic direction and operations for modeling, monitoring, control and optimization of process systems, including chemical, mechanical, electrical and biological. After the sale of our ProMV software suite to AspenTech in the fall of 2016, Mark-John left ProSensus to become a product development director at AspenTech where he manages the integration of multivariate analysis into AspenTech's products.

Getting Started with Real-Time Batch Monitoring and Control

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Are you collecting lots of data on your batch processes but not getting the information you need to detect and diagnose process failures? Identifying process failures or process drift early enough could prevent costly re-work or even scrapping batches. We've outlined how your historical data can be used for early fault detection so you can [...]